The Temple: Remembering My Temple Experience

Family Life

Remembering My Temple Experience

Recording your experience while it’s still fresh helps you capture details that you might forget. Later you will be able to read or listen to what you captured, and it will remind you of what happened. This will be a blessing to you and your family.

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Possible Activities

  • Soon after going to the temple, take a few minutes to write down or record your experience. Where and when did you go? What do you want to remember? Who came with you? How did it feel being there? How do you think the people feel that you were baptized and confirmed for?

  • Encourage others in your family to go to the temple and complete the rest of the ordinances for the ancestor you were baptized for. Ask them what it was like to do the remaining ordinances.

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Go Digital

  • In the Family Tree app, find your page and go to the Memories tab. Then press the green plus icon, and click on Record Audio. You can make an audio recording describing what it was like. Consider adding a photo from your experience.