About Me: My Records and Their Records
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Family life

My Records and Their Records

Records are evidence that you lived in certain places at certain times. Records are an important part of family history.

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Possible Activities

  • Find your own personal records. A personal record could be an identification card, birth certificate, baptism certificate, report card, etc. What does each record tell you about yourself?

  • Why would family history be hard without any records?

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Go Digital

  • On FamilySearch.org, find an ancestor you’d like to learn more about. Try to find a record about him or her. (Start by checking the Memories or Sources on his or her profile.) What can you learn just by looking at the record?

    • What event is the record about?

    • Where did he or she live? When did he or she live?

    • What was he or she doing at that time in life?

    • Who else is on the record?