My Family: Pioneers and Heroes: Past and Present
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Pioneers and Heroes: Past and Present

A pioneer is someone in a group or family who is one of the first to do something: move to a new country or area, convert to a new faith, graduate from college, or even just try something new. Heroes are people we look up to because of the lives they’ve led and the sacrifices they’ve made for others. Learning about pioneers and heroes in your family tree can be fun and inspiring!

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Possible Activities

  • How are you a pioneer? Were you the first in your family to do something? What was it? If you haven’t already, write down your story or capture it as an audio recording.

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Go Digital

  • Look at your family tree, and identify the following kinds of pioneers or heroes: immigrants, converts, missionaries, veterans, scholars, settlers, scientists, inventors, etc.

  • Who in your family (past or present) was a pioneer or hero? Finding stories about what they achieved during their lives and then saving those stories will inspire you and others as you learn from their experiences. Consider saving them as Memories on