About Me: Remembering My Photos
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Family history

Remembering My Photos

Everybody has a unique life story. Photos help us remember the past, but they don’t tell us everything! Your photos need your voice to make the story complete.

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Possible Activities

  • Consider drawing a picture of a story from your life if you don’t have many photos.

  • Find a photo that you can tell a story about: a fun memory, a sad day, an accomplishment, etc. Write down everything you remember about that day. Who else was there? What do they remember?

  • Find more photos that tell the story of your life. If you had to choose one picture to represent each year of your life, which photos would you choose?

  • Ask a parent or grandparent to show you photos of when they were younger, and ask them what they remember.

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Go Digital

  • Upload a photo from your life as a Memory on FamilySearch.org, explaining the story behind the picture as an audio recording or a written story.