My Family: Eat What They Ate
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Eat What They Ate

Eating the same foods your ancestors ate is a great way to connect with them and to experience in one small way what their lives were like.

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Possible Activities

  • Make your favorite meal. What about this meal makes it your favorite? Do you know your family members’ favorite meals?

  • Cook a favorite family recipe. Talk about the story behind the recipe: where it came from, why it is part of your family story, and how and when you enjoy it.

  • Eat a favorite food of one of your ancestors or a food from a place your ancestor is from. Consider eating an ancestor’s favorite food on his or her birthday.

  • Who is the oldest person in your family? Ask him or her if he or she has any family recipes to share.

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Go Digital

  • Take a picture of the meal you made (your own or your ancestor’s) and put the photo and recipe on as a Memory.