About Me: Where I’m From
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Family life

Where I’m From

Where you live has an impact on what you do and who you are. Remembering where you came from can help you know where you want to go in life.

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Possible Activities

  • Write down information about your country:

    • Name of my country

    • Most popular foods in my country

    • How people in my country dress

  • Write down information about your town or city:

    • Name of my town

    • Name of my school

    • My favorite place in my town is …

    • What I like most about my town is …

  • Draw a map of your neighborhood. Label different places on the map, like your house, your school, where you play, your church, where you buy food, etc.

  • Have a parent draw the house or neighborhood that he or she grew up in and tell you what it was like.

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Go Digital

  • Draw a picture of your home. Then upload your drawing to FamilySearch.org as a Memory.