About Me: Weakness to Strength
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Family Life

Weakness to Strength

Everyone has weaknesses. As you exercise faith and ask for help, Heavenly Father promises to “make weak things become strong” (Ether 12:27). As you learn stories of how others overcame weaknesses, your faith grows.

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Possible Activities

  • Ask a parent or family member about a time that he or she or someone in the family turned a weakness into a strength.

  • Think about something you want to get better at. What are ways you could practice and improve? Ask a parent or a leader to help you. Then follow God’s invitation: be humble, ask Him for help, and move forward in faith.

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Go Digital

  • Write, or record, your family member’s story on FamilySearch.org (with his or her permission). Then capture your experience. In the future, reading or listening to your story again will help you. It will also help those who follow you.