Just One Taxi

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“Just One Taxi,” Friend, January 2021

Just One Taxi

The author lives in North Carolina, USA.

“Help us find just one taxi so that we can make it to church today,” the girls prayed.

“I always have a happy feeling when I go to church” (Children’s Songbook, 157).

This story takes place in Cantabria, Spain.


“How are we going to make it to church today?” Ellie’s little sister, Peppa, asked. “There’s so much rain!”

“Don’t worry,” Ellie said. “We’re brave!”

Ellie helped Peppa button her coat. Then she pulled on her own rain boots.

Ellie and Peppa walked outside with Mami and Papi. It was raining harder than ever. The wind turned their umbrella inside out. Ellie didn’t feel quite so brave anymore.

“What should we do?” Ellie asked. It was too stormy to walk to the bus.

“We’ll take a taxi instead,” Papi said.

“Good idea,” Mami said. “Let’s go!”

They walked down the flooded street. No taxis or cars drove past them. Even the panadería (bakery) was closed.

Finally they saw the area where taxis parked to pick people up. But the first taxi space was empty.

“Oh no!” Peppa said.

Está bien. It’s OK,” said Ellie. “There could be one. We just can’t see it yet.”

They walked closer. The next parking space was empty too.

“Now what?” asked Peppa.

“I know,” said Ellie. “Let’s pray.”

The girls whispered a prayer. “Nuestro Padre Celestial, please help us find just one taxi so that we can make it to church today. We’re trying to choose the right, and this rain is making it hard. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amén.” Ellie was still learning Spanish, so she mixed English and Spanish together.

They walked a little more. The next parking spot was empty too.

“Maybe we should turn around and go home,” Papi shouted over the wind.

“Our feet are soaked!” said Mami.

“Let’s just go a little bit farther,” said Ellie. “We just need one taxi.”

Now they could see the last parking spot.

There, with its green light on, was a taxi!

Ellie and Peppa hopped in the taxi. Mami helped them smooth down their hair. “We’re sorry to get your seats wet,” Papi told the driver.

They arrived at the chapel and greeted their friends with besos and abrazos (kisses and hugs).

“I can’t believe we found a taxi,” Mami said. “¡Que suerte!

“It wasn’t luck,” Ellie said. “Peppa and I prayed that Heavenly Father would help us get to church. And He listened!”

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/01 Jan

Illustrations by Patricia Geis