Joseph Smith and the Gold Plates

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“Joseph Smith and the Gold Plates,” Friend, January 2021

Scripture Stories

Joseph Smith and the Gold Plates

Joseph Smith Teaching

Joseph Smith was a prophet. He helped Jesus bring His Church back to the world.

First Vision Illustration

Joseph prayed to find out which church he should go to. Jesus said not to go to any of the churches. None of them were His Church.

Joseph and the Plates

The angel Moroni visited Joseph. Moroni told him about a special book written on gold plates. It was buried in a hill nearby.

Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery

With Heavenly Father’s help, Joseph translated the writing on the plates. These writings became the Book of Mormon!

Father and children at church

Now we can read the Book of Mormon. And we can go to Jesus Christ’s Church!

Illustrations by Apryl Stott