Oliver the Brave

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“Oliver the Brave,” Friend, January 2021

Oliver the Brave

The author lives in California, USA.

Child's Armor

“Ahhhh!” Oliver cried. He jumped into Mom and Dad’s bed. “A monster is after me!”

“You had a bad dream,” Mom said. “The monster isn’t real.” She put her arm around him. They snuggled tight.

Oliver shivered. “It was really tall. It had yellow eyes and green teeth,” he said. “I said a prayer. But I could still see it coming!”

“I’m glad you asked Heavenly Father for help,” Dad said. “What else can you do?”

“What do you mean?” Oliver said.

“Remember when you gave a talk in Primary? You prayed for help. But is that all you did?”

“I practiced,” Oliver said. “I stood in front of the mirror. I said my talk over and over.”

“And you gave a great talk!” Dad said.

“And remember when you lost your toy car?” Mom said. “You prayed to find it. Then did you just stay on your knees?”

“No. I searched and searched. I looked under my bed. Then I looked behind the couch.”

“And there it was!” Mom said.

“So,” Dad said, “how can you get rid of the monster?”

Oliver imagined himself in a suit of armor.

“First,” he said, “pray.”

“Good. And then?”

“I can take some deep breaths. And then I can sing ‘I Am a Child of God.’”

“That’s a great plan!” Mom said. “Now back to bed.”

The next morning Oliver ran to talk to Mom and Dad.

“I had another dream about the monster,” he said. “But I said a prayer and followed my plan. And the monster went away!”

“I’m so glad the monster went away,” Dad said. “Heavenly Father really does hear your prayers.”

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/01 Jan

Illustration by Kevin Keele