Missing Grandma and Grandpa

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“Missing Grandma and Grandpa,” Friend, January 2021

Missing Grandma and Grandpa

The author lives in Colorado, USA.

How could Zoe miss someone she’d never met?

“The hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers” (Doctrine and Covenants 2:2).


Zoe took a bite of her cookie. “Yummm.”

“These are just like Grandma’s famous cookies,” Zoe’s older brother Zach said. “She made the best cookies ever!”

Dad’s parents had died before Zoe was born. Her older brothers and sisters and cousins talked about Grandma and Grandpa all the time.

“Your grandma was a great cook,” Dad said as he picked up another cookie. “I miss those dinners she and Grandpa had every Sunday. They always invited the whole family.”

What would it have been like to know Grandma and Grandpa? Zoe wondered.

Zoe listened to her family tell more stories about her grandparents. She loved hearing about them, but she felt a little left out too. She didn’t have any memories to share.

A few days later she was at her older cousin Lily’s house. On Lily’s bed was a cloth doll.

“She’s so pretty!” Zoe said. She softly touched the doll’s dress.

“Grandma gave her to me,” Lily said. “She always did nice things like that. I really miss her.”

“I miss her too,” Zoe said. Then she frowned. How could she miss someone she’d never met?

Over the next week Zoe kept thinking about her grandparents. Every time someone talked about them, she felt an empty place in her heart.

“I never even met Grandma and Grandpa,” Zoe told Dad one night. “Why am I so sad that they’re gone?”

Dad smiled. He let out a soft sigh. “Your grandparents loved their family more than anything.” His voice got kind of scratchy. “I know that didn’t change after they died. They love you very much. And they’re cheering for you as you grow up.”

Dad snapped his fingers. “Hey, I have an idea. Maybe we should have a special family lesson to help you get to know your grandparents better.”

“That sounds nice,” Zoe said.

Dad smiled again. “You can learn all sorts of fun things, like how Grandma used to write silly songs for her grandchildren.”

Zoe wished she had a song written by her grandma.

The next night, the family gathered to share more favorite stories about Grandma and Grandpa. They even shared some of the silly songs Grandma wrote!

At the end of the lesson, Mom turned to Zoe. “I know you’ve been thinking a lot about your grandparents,” she said. “Someday you’ll get to meet them. Until then, Dad and I thought this might help you feel closer to them.” Dad handed Zoe a picture of Grandma and Grandpa.

Zoe felt happy as she looked at the picture of her grandparents. Someday she would finally get to meet them!

I love learning about my family. I want to know my family and know the history of my ancestors. I am glad other people can help me to know more about my family.

Enzo R., age 9, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/01 Jan

Illustrations by Joanne Lew Vriethoff