Show and Tell

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“Show and Tell,” Friend, January 2021

Show and Tell

When the Savior comes again

This Primary in Texas, USA, created a bulletin board of Christ appearing, with everyone in Primary standing around Him. It helps everyone feel closer to Him.

African Children

Hello from our Primary in Dakar, Senegal!

Young Boy

I went on a litter-picking walk with my dad and collected 322 pieces of litter! It felt good to make our neighbourhood cleaner and tidier for other people to enjoy.

Sam D., age 8, Suffolk, England

Young Girl in white

My baptism helps me remember the important covenants I made with Heavenly Father. I try to follow His commandments and be a good daughter and disciple.

Demmi E., age 9, Mexico City, Mexico

Young Boy

When there were wildfires in Australia, I fasted for the animals in danger. We prayed each night for the firemen so the Lord would protect them. I felt so happy when Mum told me the fires were going away. I know Heavenly Father hears us when we fast and pray.

Lincoln B., age 9, Victoria, Australia

Girl with Scriptures

I have many friends at school, and we have a lot of fun. One day I saw a girl alone, and I wanted to be her friend. I knew it was the right thing because the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.

Tatiana L., age 6, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Young Boy

I was swimming with my family and noticed a boy who was struggling in the water. I went over and helped him. His older brother told me that I was a star for helping. After, I felt the Holy Ghost.

Christian M., age 9, Utah, USA

Nephi build a ship

Emma S., age 8, Anzoátegui, Venezuela

Young boys and Girl

Carson and Clark S., ages 6 and 4, New South Wales, Australia

Anna L., age 9, California, USA

Bald Eagle

Liam A., age 9, Indiana, USA

A child's coloring of family at church

Dallin P., age 8, Huancavelica, Peru

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/01 Jan