Dear Friends

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“Dear Friends,” Friend, January 2021

A Message From the First Presidency

Our Dear Young Friends,

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/01 Jan

This month the Friend is celebrating its 50th birthday—and a new beginning. Once the Friend only reached children who spoke English. Now it will be available to children in 48 languages throughout the world. Our hope is that every Primary child can enjoy the Friend in their home and share it with others.

All around the world, Primary children like you are trying to follow Jesus. Each one is a precious child of God. As you read the Friend, you will get to know these friends. You will learn about the restored gospel. And you will feel closer to your truest Friend, our Savior Jesus Christ.


The First Presidency

Flag Hunt

Look for pages from these different countries. Then check off the flags below!

  • Ghana

  • South Korea

  • Canada

  • Spain

  • Germany

  • Benin

  • Argentina

  • Mexico

Where We Read the Friend

These children from Ghana are holding up their copies of the Friend. Send us a picture of you or your Primary class holding the Friend. Be sure to include a parent’s permission (see back cover).

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