The Brother of Jared
November 2020

“The Brother of Jared,” Friend, November 2020

The Brother of Jared

Friend Magazine, 2020/11 Nov

Artwork by Anna Oldroyd

  1. The brother of Jared had to build a ship to help his family get to the promised land. The ships needed to be completely tight so no water would get in. He didn’t know how they would get air or light. (See Ether 2:16–17.)

  2. He climbed a mountain and prayed for help. He got an answer right away! Jesus told him to cut holes in the ship that he could plug and unplug for air. (See Ether 2:18–21.)

  3. For light, Jesus didn’t give an answer right away. He told the brother of Jared to see if he could find an answer. The brother of Jared thought hard. He had an idea! (See Ether 2:22–25.)

  4. He brought 16 clear stones and asked the Lord to touch the stones to fill them with light. Jesus Christ reached out to touch the stones with His spirit body, and the brother of Jared saw His hand. (See Ether 3:1–8.)

  5. Now the brother of Jared was able to take his family safely across the ocean (see Ether 6:2–12). Like the brother of Jared, sometimes the Holy Ghost will tell us clearly what to do, and sometimes we’ll need to search for answers. Either way, God hears us and loves to bless us.

Make Your Own Rock Art

Go outside and find 16 stones of different shapes and sizes. Use them to create a scene from this story!

Send us a picture of what you made! See how on page 39.

See Come, Follow Me for Ether 1–5 and Ether 6–11.