What’s on Your Mind?
November 2020

“What’s on Your Mind?” Friend, November 2020

What’s on Your Mind?

I’m nervous about leaving Primary soon. Everyone in Young Women and Young Men is older and more experienced than me. What if I don’t fit in? —Out-of-Place in Ottawa

Friend Magazine, 2020/11 Nov

Dear Out-of-Place,

It’s normal to be nervous about moving up with the older kids. But it doesn’t matter that you’re younger than they are. You have goodness to contribute, and you belong! Try looking for ways you can serve others in your class or quorum. Ask Heavenly Father for help and try to just be yourself! And someday when you’re older, you can remember how you felt now and be kind to the kids who are new.

You’ve got this!

The Friend

Meet some of our friends who have been in your shoes! Here’s what they have to say.

Levil Medina smiles as he sits in front of a keyboard piano.

For me, going to Young Men felt pretty normal, like moving up to another class in Primary. Be yourself! You’ll be all right.

Levi M., age 12, Illinois, USA

Portrait of a girl named Madge.

Talking to my older sister about Young Women helped. The advice I would give is be kind to everyone and they will be kind back.

Madge P., age 12, Alberta, Canada

Image of a young boy named Latrell.

Being in Young Men is fun, so don’t worry. The best parts are the weekly activities and passing the sacrament.

Latrell T., age 13, Queensland, Australia

Portrait of a girl named Shay.

I was probably more excited than nervous. My favorite part of Young Women is how all of our activities can relate to being more like Jesus.

Shay L., age 11, Idaho, USA