Puzzle Page
November 2020

“Puzzle Page,” Friend, November 2020


Puzzle Page

Friend Magazine, 2020/11 Nov

Illustrations by Arie Van De Graaff

What’s Different?

Abinadi was a brave prophet in the Book of Mormon. Can you find 10 differences between the two pictures of Abinadi preaching to King Noah?

A Puzzle in Reverse

Read the clues to solve the riddles. Hint: In each riddle, either the third or seventh word spelled backwards is the answer! The first clue is circled for you. Answers below.

  1. Samantha’s two pets were too short to reach the couch on their own, so she gave them this to help them out.

  2. The sky turned cloudy and dark. “Rats!” Dad said, putting his telescope away. He couldn’t see even one of these.

  3. With the songs playing on a loop, the kids never had to leave this watery playground to start up the music again.

  4. Scruffy’s big paws wouldn’t fit inside his new shoes. And Fuzzball’s paws were too small for his shoes. So this was the perfect solution.

  5. “You look stressed,” Aunt Jennie said. “But you’re in luck! I’ve been baking all morning. These might cheer you up.”

  6. Jian didn’t stop scrubbing these until he could see his face shining back in the metal. Mom and Dad would be surprised the next time they cooked dinner in these!

Answers: 1-step, 2-star, 3-pool, 4-swap, 5-desserts, 6-pots