Help Passing the Sacrament
November 2020

“Help Passing the Sacrament,” Friend, November 2020

Help Passing the Sacrament

Brayden was glad to be part of such a great deacons quorum.

“With hands now pledged to do Thy work, we take the sacrament” (Hymns, no. 169).

Friend Magazine, 2020/11 Nov

Illustrations by Steve Keele

Brayden watched the deacons pass the sacrament up and down the aisles.

How am I going to do that? he wondered. January was only a few weeks away, and then he’d be a deacon. But he couldn’t carry a tray and use his walker at the same time.

After sacrament meeting, Mom helped move Brayden into his transport chair. Then she pushed him to Primary. All through class, Brayden kept wondering about how he’d pass the sacrament.

“Hey, Brayden, can you talk for a minute?” Brother Larsen and Mom were waiting in the hall after Primary.

“Sure!” Brayden said. He loved hanging out with the Larsens, especially their son Josh. Josh was a good friend, almost like a big brother, really. And Brother Larsen was kind of like a dad to Brayden. A really cool dad! He was also one of the advisers in Young Men.

Mom pushed Brayden into an empty classroom.

“I’ve been thinking about you,” Brother Larsen said. “You’re going to be a deacon soon.”


“And that means passing the sacrament.”

Brayden nodded. “Yeah.” But how? he wondered again.

“Josh and I had an idea. He and the other young men would like to take turns pushing you in your transport chair. That way you can carry a tray. What do you think?”

Brayden smiled. “I think it sounds great.”

The next couple of weeks went by in a flash. He had a New Year’s Eve party that was a ton of fun—a superhero movie night followed by board games. And the book on robotics that Mom gave him for Christmas was awesome. Just the thing to get him ready for the robotics team at school!

Then before he knew it, it was his first Sunday as a deacon. His sister, Rylie, pushed Brayden next to the other deacons before she went to sit by Mom in the chapel.

“Hey, Brayden, you ready?” Josh said quietly as he sat near Brayden.

“I think so,” Brayden said. His assignment was for the rows on the left. That sounded easy enough. But his stomach still felt twisty.

“Good morning, brothers and sisters,” began the bishop.

The meeting felt normal but different at the same time. It had all the normal pieces. But his own part was brand new.

One of the older boys blessed the bread. After the congregation said, “Amen,” Josh handed Brayden the bread tray. The cool metal handle pressed against Brayden’s palm as he gripped it tight. Josh pushed Brayden slowly and reverently to the left side of the room.

Brayden handed the tray to Sister Wright. She smiled at him, ate a piece of the broken bread, and then passed the tray down her row.

I’m doing it, thought Brayden. I’m passing the sacrament!

“Thanks for helping me today,” Brayden said to Josh after church was over. Then he gave him a mischievous smile. “But that doesn’t mean I’m going easy on you next Friday night for video games!”

Brayden and Josh laughed. Brayden was glad he got to pass the sacrament. He knew what an important and sacred ordinance it was.

He was also glad to be part of such a great deacons quorum with friends who were willing to help him! He would be glad to help them too. Especially if anybody ever needed help building an awesome robot!