Come, Follow Me for Little Ones
November 2020

“Come, Follow Me for Little Ones,” Friend, November 2020

Come, Follow Me for Little Ones

Here are some activity ideas for toddlers and young children that go along with each week’s reading.

Product Shot from Noveember 2020 Friend

Illustration by Apryl Stott


For Mormon 7–9

Read Mormon 9:19 together and help your little ones say, “God is a God of miracles.” Go to children.ChurchofJesusChrist.org and watch the sing-along video for the song “The Miracle.” If your children are old enough, you could learn to sing the chorus together. (For extra help, find the lyrics in the June 2018 Friend.)

The Promised Land

For Ether 1–5

Read Ether 3:4 together and review the story of how the brother of Jared built ships to travel to the promised land. (You could use the illustrated story on pages FJ4–6 of the October 2016 Friend.) Then hide 16 stones and help your children find them. When you’re done, help your little ones say, “God can help me solve my problems.”

Being Thankful

For Ether 6–11

Sit on a bed with your children and cover yourselves with a blanket, or do something else to build a pretend barge. Be sure to bring a flashlight! Read Ether 6:5 together and act out being “tossed upon the waves” with a “furious wind.” Then read Ether 6:9 together and help your little ones say, “I can be thankful.” Pick a favorite Primary song to sing together before leaving the barge!

Doing Hard Things

For Ether 12–15

Read Ether 12:27 and help your little ones say, “Jesus Christ can help me be strong.” Invite your children to try doing something physically hard, like moving a chair or lifting a heavy book. Then help them successfully complete the challenge. Show them a picture of Jesus and explain that Jesus can help us do hard things and make weak things strong.