Going inside God’s House
November 2020

“Going inside God’s House,” Friend, November 2020

Going inside God’s House

Rachel was excited to go to the temple, but now she started feeling kind of panicky.

“The God of love and peace shall be with you” (2 Corinthians 13:11).

Friend Magazine, 2020/11 Nov

Illustrations by Alyssa Tallent

“There’s the temple!” Dad said, pointing out the car window.

Rachel leaned forward in her seat. She could see the tall white spire in the distance with the golden angel Moroni on top. It was beautiful!

All her life, Rachel had looked forward to going inside the temple. Now she was just minutes away from going inside for the first time! Mom and Dad had even helped her find family names to be baptized for.

Rachel had heard about how peaceful the temple was. But as their car pulled into the temple parking lot, Rachel started feeling kind of panicky.

I’m going inside God’s house, Rachel thought. What if I’m not ready? What if I’m not worthy? She swallowed hard as Mom parked the car.

“You OK?” Dad asked as they got out.

“I’m a little nervous,” said Rachel.

“It’ll be great,” Mom said. “There will be lots of kind temple workers to help you.”

“And we’ll be there too.” Dad gave Rachel’s arm a gentle squeeze.

That made Rachel feel better. But just a little.

Rachel and her parents walked through the temple doors. A man in a white suit was at a desk. “Welcome to the temple,” he said, smiling. Rachel showed him her recommend. Some nice temple workers gave her a white jumpsuit in her size.

Rachel tried to feel the peace everyone had talked about. But new worries kept popping up in her mind like crazy popcorn kernels. What if the water’s cold? What if I don’t know where to go? What if I do something wrong?

When Rachel went into the locker room to change, she knelt down in the stall and prayed. “Heavenly Father,” she whispered, “please help me feel more calm. Please help me to feel peace.”

Rachel’s worried mind felt a little clearer as she finished her prayer. She stood up, zipped on her white jumpsuit, and walked out to meet her parents by the baptism font. She was feeling better already!

There were some other kids waiting to be baptized, so Rachel sat on one of the soft benches to wait. It helped a lot to watch them and see how it was done.

Then it was Rachel’s turn. She gave a temple worker the cards with her ancestors’ names. She took a deep breath and stepped into the water. It was warm!

Rachel listened as the young man baptizing her said the words to the baptism prayer. As she came up out of the water, she felt like her ancestors were giving her a big hug for doing this for them. She felt like she could almost hear them whisper, “Thank you.”

After Rachel changed into her dry clothes, she was confirmed for the ancestors she was baptized for. When she and her parents walked back out the temple doors into the sunshine, Rachel felt good inside.

“So, what did you think?” Dad asked.

“I loved it,” Rachel said. “I loved it with my whole heart.”

As they drove away, Rachel smiled as she watched the temple disappear in the distance. She really had felt peace inside the Lord’s house. And she could honestly say that she loved to see the temple.

A portrait of a young school boy with glasses and a blue shirt on.

I love to see the temple. It is a holy place and is the house of God. Soon I will be able to go inside and do baptisms. I’m so excited!

Dallin W., age 11, Utah, USA