Friends by Mail
November 2020

“Friends by Mail,” Friend, November 2020

Friends by Mail

Friend Magazine, 2020/11 Nov

Limonada Suíça

two boys holding Brazilian limeade

We love learning about the countries, cultures, people, and temples of the world through the Friend! Thanks for the yummy Brazilian limeade recipe (Feb. 2020)!

Owen and Derek T., ages 8 and 3, Alaska, USA

Fun with the Friend

three children holding baked rolls

We had fun making and eating pani popo rolls (March 2020)! They were delicious.

Allie, Micaela, and Isaac R., ages 9, 8, and 11, Missouri, USA

Build a Temple

four boys building block temple

We have fun building together and saw the idea to build a temple (Dec. 2019). It was cool to use our crane to place angel Moroni on top!

Nathan, Alex, Dillon, and Bryson D., ages 6, 9, 9, and 4, Illinois, USA

Dear Friends,

This month you can read about a boy who wrote down things he was thankful for and put them in a Thankful Jar. Turn to page FJ8 to find out what interesting animal he included. What would you put in your Thankful Jar? We’re feeling thankful for all the Church leaders who taught us in general conference last month!

We love you!

The Friend

P.S. You’re always at the top of our thankful list!

Standards Search!

Can you find a story about choosing good language instead of bad words?

I found it! Page_______.

Bonus challenge! Memorize this month’s standard: “I will choose the right. I know I can repent when I make a mistake” (Children’s Guidebook, 63).