Kindness Kits

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“Kindness Kits,” Friend, November 2019

Kindness Kits

The author lives in Utah, USA.

Friend Magazine, 2019/11 Nov

Illustrations by Scott Peck

Church was great, wasn’t it?

Now what should we do?

We could write letters to Grandpa or visit Sister Gomez. Or is there someone else we could help?

On the way to church, I saw people who looked like they didn’t have homes.

Can we give something to them?

Good idea!

I’ll find a list of donations the homeless shelter suggests. Let’s see what we have at home.

Can we make some muffins to give to them too?

You bet.

A little while later …

Hi! We wanted to give you these.

They have lots of good stuff in them—even muffins!

Thank you!

God bless you.

I’m glad we helped people today.

Me too!