Kindness Flowers

    “Kindness Flowers,” Friend, November 2019


    Kindness Flowers

    Friend Magazine, 2019/11 Nov

    Illustrations by Thomas S. Child

    Here’s a kindness game you can play with a friend or family member. It’s like the game “hangman,” but a lot friendlier!

    1. Think of a kind word that describes the other person (like “brave” or “funny”). Draw a blank line for each letter of the word.

    2. Have the other person guess which letters are in the mystery word. If they guess correctly, write that letter in the blank. If they guess a letter that’s not in the word, draw a petal on the flower and write that letter in it.

    3. Try to guess the word before the flower has all six petals. Then take turns and play again with a new flower! After the game is done, you can finish and color the flowers.