Hello from New Zealand!
November 2019

“Hello from New Zealand!” Friend, November 2019

Hello from New Zealand!

Product Shot from November 2019 Friend

Illustrations by Katie McDee

Hello! We’re Margo and Paolo.

We’re in New Zealand—come along with us!

New Zealand is a country in the Pacific Ocean. It has two main islands, and about 5 million people live there.

The Māori people, the first people in New Zealand, came in boats from far away. Today they remember their ancestors through dancing and art.

Most people in New Zealand speak English, but many also speak Māori. This boy is reading Ko te Pukapuka a Moromona (the Book of Mormon) in Māori.

Thousands of kiwi birds live in New Zealand. They are about as big as chickens, and they can’t fly! People who live in New Zealand are nicknamed “Kiwis.”

Fun fact: New Zealand has more sheep than people! Sheep farming is an important business here.

This girl is holding a photo of the beautiful temple in Hamilton, New Zealand. Soon another temple will be built in the city of Auckland.

Meet some of our friends from New Zealand!

Jesus loves us for who we are, and we should love each other.

Caylin-Rose T., age 11, Auckland, New Zealand

I love my family, and I love Heavenly Father and Jesus and what They created.

Adam H., age 8, Auckland, New Zealand

Are you from New Zealand? Write to us! We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for exploring New Zealand with us. See you next time, in Colombia!