Show and Tell—Conference Edition!

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“Show and Tell—Conference Edition!” Friend, November 2019

Show and Tell—Conference Edition!

Friend Magazine, 2019/11 Nov

Moryatu C., age 5, Western Area, Sierra Leone, is excited for a temple to be built in her country! “I like general conference because they talk about Jesus, and I love Jesus,” she said.

Kekoa and Ziva W., ages 9 and 6, Washington, USA, especially liked President Nelson’s talk about helping people all over the world. Kekoa said, “I liked listening to how the bishops use fast-offering funds to help people in need.” Ziva said, “I felt sad for people with no food or water but happy that we can help.”

Amelia, Geneva, Thomas, and Henry M., ages 13, 5, 8, and 11, Massachusetts, USA, like watching their grandma Linda play the organ during general conference. She waves her pinky finger to say a special “hello” to them when she plays!

Jesse and Jonelle T., ages 6 and 8, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, like coloring with other Primary children while watching general conference at church. Their sister, Janeelyn T., age 10, feels the Spirit when she hears the Tabernacle Choir start singing.

Amelia N., age 10, Glasgow, Scotland, loved when Sister Cordon announced the new Young Women theme. “I especially like the part that says, ‘I am a beloved daughter of Heavenly Parents,’” Amelia said. “I’m super excited to go to Young Women, and I can’t wait until I turn 11!”

We watch the Saturday sessions of conference at home, and on Sunday we go to the stake center. My favorite part is when the prophet announces the new temples. I like to draw our leaders when they speak.

Lucas F., age 10, Chaco, Argentina

I liked Elder Uchtdorf’s talk because he said that our life is like an adventure—an adventure to return to live with God and Jesus Christ. I want to choose what is right so that I can return to live with God.

Levi M., age 11, Illinois, USA

General conference helps me feel the Holy Ghost through a feeling of peace. My parents and I wake up early to read the scriptures and get ready to go to church so we can be on time to watch conference.

Gabriela S., age 8, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

The best thing I like about general conference is being able to see the prophet and apostles teaching. I like to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Stephen J., age 8, Margibi, Liberia