For Older Kids

    “For Older Kids,” Friend, November 2019

    For Older Kids

    Friend Magazine, 2019/11 Nov

    Illustrations by Mark Robison

    Brain Teaser

    What invention lets you see through walls? See answer below.

    God’s Amazing World

    Did you know?

    • Dolphins call each other by name using special whistles.

    • Bears can smell food from miles away.

    • Crows can use tools, solve puzzles, and play pranks.

    Scripture Power

    One day at church, we learned about the importance of scriptures. My teacher told how she hangs scripture verses on her door so she can always see them. I wanted to do the same thing! Soon my door was covered with scriptures that I could see and read every day. I am very glad that the scriptures help me connect with and get closer to my Father in Heaven.

    Jordan R., age 11, Utah, USA

    Temple Message

    Figure out the message and write it in the blank below. See answer below.

    Tips to Grow On

    Take a few minutes each day to calm your mind. Close your eyes and focus on feeling your breath going in and out 10 times.

    Art Challenge

    Make a piece of art by tracing around different objects in your home, one on top of another.

    Answer: a window; “I love to see the temple”