A Prayer in the Fog

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“A Prayer in the Fog,” Friend, November 2019

A Prayer in the Fog

The author lives in Utah, USA.

Friend Magazine, 2019/11 Nov

Illustration by Viviana Garofoli

Henry and Mom were driving home. Gray clouds filled the sky. They even touched the ground. “This is a heavy fog,” Mom said.

Mom drove slowly. The lines on the road were getting harder to see.

“Are we going to get home OK?” Henry asked.

“I hope so,” Mom said. “It might take longer than usual. But I’m being careful.”

Henry could barely see the trees. He could barely see the buildings. He trusted Mom. But he felt lost.

Then Henry thought of something. “Can I say a prayer?” he asked.

“That’s a great idea,” Mom said.

Henry prayed. He asked Heavenly Father to make the fog go away so they would be safe. Then Henry opened his eyes. But the fog was still there. And now snow was falling!

Just then, lights along the highway came on. As they passed one light, they could see the next light up ahead. Mom followed the lights.

Henry and Mom finally found their way home. They pulled into the driveway. Mom looked at Henry. She smiled.

“Heavenly Father answered your prayer,” Mom said. “The fog didn’t go away. But the lights came on. And the lights helped us find our way.”

Henry smiled. He knew Mom was right. Henry bowed his head and said another prayer. This time the prayer was to tell Heavenly Father thank you.