The Shaving Mistake

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“The Shaving Mistake,” Friend, September 2019

Friend to Friend

The Shaving Mistake

“We believe in being honest” (Articles of Faith 1:13).

Friend Magazine, 2019/09 Sep

Illustration by Thomas S. Child

When I was about nine, I wanted to grow a mustache. I thought I could do this by shaving my face every day. For several days I used my father’s razor to shave. One day my father saw me shaving. He warned me not to do it because I could cut myself.

I am sorry to say I disobeyed my dad. The next day I shaved again. As I was shaving, the razor slipped from my soapy fingers. It made a deep gash above my lip. I was pretty scared as I bandaged my lip. But I was even more afraid of what my father would say.

When he came home that night and saw my cut, he was surprised and worried. He asked how it happened.

“Well,” I said, “I was running down the sidewalk, and I fell on my face.”

I had lied! First I had disobeyed, and now I had been dishonest! That night I couldn’t sleep. It was late, but I had to tell Dad the truth. I found him in the living room.

“Dad, I lied to you,” I said. “I didn’t fall down. I cut myself shaving with the razor. I’m sorry.”

My dad was quiet for a moment. Then he gently said, “You did disobey, Son. That is not a good thing. But I’m proud that you decided to tell the truth.”

That lesson—and the actual scar—has stayed with me every day since then. Whether it is with your Heavenly Father or with your friends and family, always be an example of honesty and truth.

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Answer: I can be brave by telling the truth.