It’s Temple Time!
September 2019

“It’s Temple Time!” Friend, September 2019

It’s Temple Time!

Getting ready to do temple baptisms? Here’s what to expect.

illustrations of kids at temple

Illustrations by Alyssa Tallent

Your Recommend!

The temple is a holy place, so people need a recommend to show they are ready and spiritually prepared. (Turn the page to learn more!) You’ll show your recommend at the front desk in the temple.

Get Ready

Dress in your Sunday best. But don’t worry about the rest! A nice temple worker will give you white baptism clothing in your size.

Get Set …

You’ll change into baptism clothes in a private stall. You’ll also get a locker where you can put your clothes.

… And Wait

Sometimes if the temple baptistry is busy, you might need to wait. They’ll have scriptures to read there. Plus it’s a great place to think and pray.

Baptism Time

A temple worker will direct you to the font. After you’re baptized for several people, a worker will give you a towel and direct you to a private shower, where you can quickly rinse off. Then you’ll go back to your locker, where you’ll change into your own clothes.

Being Confirmed

A temple worker will show you where to go next. Priesthood holders will place their hands on your head, like when you were confirmed. You’ll be confirmed for several people, one after another. (You might do confirmations first and baptisms after that, depending on what needs to be done.)

Come Back as Soon as You Can!

You’ve helped someone who couldn’t be baptized when they were alive! Write down how you felt afterward. Or hang up a picture of a temple so you can remember how you felt.

Temple Tips

  • Have an adult call ahead to find out if you need to schedule an appointment for baptisms.

  • Bring a brush or comb for after your hair gets wet. With long hair, pull it back in a white hair tie to make it easier to go underwater.

  • If you wear glasses, a temple worker can hold them for you when you’re being baptized.

  • Remember, kind people will help you every step of the way!