For Parents of Little Ones

“For Parents of Little Ones,” Friend, September 2019

For Parents of Little Ones

Friend Magazine, 2019/09 Sep

This month’s Friend Junior includes a story about a girl who struggles with perfectionism (see “Almost-Perfect Meg” on page FJ8). When children are so afraid of making a mistake that they refuse to try something new, they can miss out on a lot of growth and wonderful experiences! What can we do to help them realize that making mistakes is an important part of learning? Here are some ideas:

“My seven-year-old boy struggles with perfectionism. Here are a few things we do to help him: 1) Praise effort, not just results. 2) Have an open conversation about thoughts and feelings. 3) Play games as a family and model appropriate reactions. 4) Remind him of his unchanging worth.” —Jamie F.

“Use babies as an example. They have to learn skills, like walking and feeding themselves, slowly over time with lots of mistakes and messes involved. We love them for who they are, not because they do things ‘just right.’” —Emily J.

“I don’t try to hide my own mistakes and failures. I want my children to participate in the process of problem-solving. We pray and ask for help to be able to step back from negative feelings and move toward solutions.” —Laurel B.