Friends by Mail

“Friends by Mail,” Friend, September 2019

Friends by Mail

Friend Magazine, 2019/09 Sep

Birthday Visits

My mother is the Primary president, and sometimes I go with her to visit kids who haven’t been to Primary in a while. We say hi to them, or visit them on their birthday. We take the Friend with us as a gift for them.

Levi C., age 9, California, USA

Inspired by the Friend

I was reading the March 2019 Friend and loved the scene that the boys made. It inspired me to make one with my daddy! We love playing together! It’s our Martin and Daddy Time!

Martin N., age 7, South Dakota, USA

Loving the Friend

The Friend is the best.

Rachel S., age 10, New Mexico, USA

Dear Friends,

We love to see the temple! And we love helping you learn about the temple and get ready to go inside! This month’s magazine has lots of stories and activities about temples and family history. Read the story on page 22 and follow a family history path on page 24. Also, the “For Older Kids” section is all about temples!

Which temple is closest to you?

The Friend