Family History, Step by Step
September 2019

“Family History, Step by Step,” Friend, September 2019

Family History, Step by Step

girl from Japan showing picture of an ancestor

Illustrations by Jim Madsen

Hi, I’m Mei.

I found this picture in an old box. On the back, I saw the name Fumiko.

My mom said it was a picture of my great-great-grandma Fumiko. I wanted to find out more about her.

We looked back in the box and found an old letter Fumiko wrote and more pictures. It was fun to learn about her.

We went to FamilySearch.org and added Fumiko to our family tree. We put in her birthday and the date when she and her husband, Hiroshi, got married.

We also added Fumiko’s pictures. Now if the photos get lost or ruined, my family can always find a copy online.

Fumiko was never baptized when she was alive. But now I’m old enough to go to the temple to be baptized for her.

We printed out a copy of Fumiko’s name and information. Then we went to the temple and I got baptized for her!

When I got home, I wrote about it in my journal. Someday I hope to meet Great-Great-Grandma Fumiko. I want to keep learning about her and about my whole family!

You can do family history—even if you live far from a temple. Try it!