Matt & Mandy

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“Matt & Mandy,” Friend, September 2019

Matt & Mandy

Friend Magazine, 2019/09 Sep

Illustrations by Matt Sweeney

We need something else to do.


I know! We could start a club and …

… and we could invite …

Lily, Ciara, Esperanza, …

What’s wrong?

Do we invite some kids, but leave others out?

Good point.

What if everyone was in the club? We’d just invite different people to play with us every day.

So they’d be part of our club without knowing it? I like it!

Those two girls are new at school.

Yeah. I don’t know their names. … But they’re part of the club!

Let’s invite them to play soccer with us.

Do we have to let them win?

We just have to let them try.