Making Things Right

    “Making Things Right,” Friend, September 2019

    Making Things Right

    The author lives in Colorado, USA.

    Friend Magazine, 2019/09 Sep

    Illustrations by Andy Elkerton

    Thanks for coming shopping with me. Now how about getting ice cream?


    Hmm. It looks like the cashier didn’t charge us for all the boards we bought.

    You’re right. Didn’t we get six boards, not five?

    We need to head back to the store.

    Why do we have to go back? It’s just a few dollars. Besides, we didn’t make the mistake.

    Well, it’s important to make things right when we can. It might matter a lot to someone else.

    Plus, being honest matters to Heavenly Father.

    Thanks for coming back! I would have had to pay that money myself.

    Huh. I guess being honest did matter.

    We’re glad we could make things right!