What’s on Your Mind?
June 2018

“What’s on Your Mind?” Friend, June 2018

What’s on Your Mind?

How can I feel good again after I’ve seen something bad? —Confused in Cebu

Friend Magazine, 2018/06 Jun

Illustrations by Brad Teare

Dear Confused,

When something you hear, read, or see makes you feel uncomfortable, the Holy Ghost is letting you know that it is harmful to you and you need to avoid it. It can be hard to stop thinking about those bad things. But don’t worry! There are lots of ways you can banish bad thoughts just by doing good things you love to do.

9 Ways to Banish the Bad:

  1. Sing a hymn or Primary song.

  2. Talk to a parent or trusted adult about what you’re feeling.

  3. Read the scriptures and sincerely pray.

  4. Try a new hobby. Put together a puzzle. Learn to crochet. Make your grandpa’s red-hot seven-bean chili!

  5. Read a good book that takes you on an adventure.

  6. Go for a walk and look at the beautiful things Heavenly Father has created.

  7. Make a list of what you’re grateful for.

  8. Be kind. Go to a friend’s game and cheer them on. Play with your dog. Tell your family you love them. Write a nice note to your teacher.

  9. Look at pictures of the temple and imagine going inside one day.

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What’s on Your Mind?

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