Twin Jitters
June 2018

“Twin Jitters,” Friend, June 2018

Twin Jitters

The author lives in Utah, USA.

Friend Magazine, 2018/06 Jun

Illustrations by Garth Bruner

This is Kaylee and Kyle. They’re twins. They’re getting baptized tomorrow. Grandma has come to visit.

Will you sit on the porch with me?

You seem worried. What’s the matter?

I’m nervous about getting baptized. What if I can’t breathe, or Dad drops me?

I was afraid to tell anyone because they’d laugh.

It’s OK to be nervous. I—

Are you telling stories without me?

Come sit with us! We’re talking about your baptisms tomorrow.

I had baptism jitters too. So my dad gave me a blessing.

After that, I felt calm. I knew being baptized was a good choice.

Do you think Dad would give me a blessing?

And me? I’m nervous too, but I thought everyone would laugh if I told.

You two are alike! Why don’t you ask right now?

Feeling better now?

Yes! I know everything will be OK.

Me too. But now I can’t sleep ’cause I’m too excited!