Family Fun Jar
June 2018

“Family Fun Jar,” Friend, June 2018


Family Fun Jar

a boy and girl pulling ideas out of a jar

Illustration by Dani Jones

Have you read “Bedtime for Felix” on page 36? You can bring smiles to your family any day of the week! Make a jar full of fun ideas to try.

  1. Cut out the ideas below and put them in an empty jar.

  2. Add your own activity ideas.

  3. Pick a paper from the jar when you’re bored or just want to have fun! Then write and tell us how it went. (See page 39.)

  • Act out a scene from a book or movie while others try to guess it.

  • Look at pictures or videos from a favorite family vacation.

  • Draw a picture of a temple to hang in your room.

  • Create a collage out of pictures from old Friend magazines.

  • Use binoculars to spot as many birds as you can.

  • Go for a walk and point out five things you never noticed before.

  • Mail stars to the Friend about how you let your light shine like Jesus asked us to!

  • Put on a flying show with decorated paper airplanes.

  • Ask your parents to help you cook a family recipe.

  • Toss a ball back and forth as far apart as you can.

  • Make puppets out of paper bags or socks and put on a play.

  • Build a fort out of chairs and blankets big enough for your whole family.

  • Write nice notes and hide them around your house.

  • Dress up like scripture characters and act out a scripture story.

  • Hide a treasure and make clues for others to find it.

  • Play a board game, or create one of your own.