Funny Faces for Nathan

    “Funny Faces for Nathan,” Friend, June 2018

    Funny Faces for Nathan

    The author lives in Utah, USA.

    a boy making funny faces with his baby brother

    Illustration by Matt Smith

    Cameron and Mom did everything together. They read stories. They played with blocks. They had fun.

    Then Nathan came. Nathan was Cameron’s new baby brother. Nathan changed everything.

    “Mom,” Cameron said, “can we go to the park?”

    “Not now,” Mom said. She was trying to feed Nathan. Milk dribbled down Nathan’s chin.

    “Maybe later,” Mom said. “Right now, Nathan needs his nap.”

    Mom used to spend all day with me, Cameron thought. Now she was always busy with Nathan. Nathan. Nathan. Nathan.

    A few days later, Mom needed to do laundry. She asked Cameron to watch Nathan. Cameron didn’t want to. He sat down slowly next to his brother.

    Soon Nathan started crying. He wouldn’t stop. Cameron wanted to call Mom. Then he had an idea. He made silly faces. Nathan laughed!

    Mom came back in the room. “Good,” she said. “Nathan’s feeling better.”

    “I helped him stop crying!” Cameron said.

    “Thank you,” Mom said.

    “I like it when Nathan laughs!” Cameron said.

    Mom smiled. “And I like it when both of my boys are happy! I love you and Nathan.”

    Now Cameron smiled. Mom loved him too. Cameron didn’t feel sad anymore.

    The next day Cameron helped Mom get Nathan dressed. He held Nathan. He sang to him. He patted his back. And when Nathan got tired, Cameron helped put him down for a nap.

    Cameron liked helping. It felt good.

    “Want to read a book while Nathan is sleeping?” Mom asked.

    “Yes,” Cameron said. “And can we read one when he wakes up?”

    Having a little brother was turning out to be fun after all!