Puzzle Page
June 2018

“Puzzle Page,” Friend, June 2018


Puzzle Page

Friend Magazine, 2018/06 Jun

Illustration by Adam Koford

Word Clues

Go back to “Tortillas and Amigas” (page 8)! Can you descifrar (figure out) what the Spanish words in the story mean? Check your answers below.

  • mercado _____________________

  • abuela ________________________

  • ___________________________

  • cocina _______________________

  • buenas tardes ________________

  • frijoles _______________________

  • mesa _________________________

  • queso ________________________

  • delicioso _______________________

  • oración _________________________

  • Padre Celestial _________________

  • Jesucristo ______________________

  • fútbol ___________________________

  • abrazo __________________________

  • amigas _________________________

  • casa ____________________________

What’s Different?

In the Book of Mormon, a young woman named Abish taught others about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Find 10 things that are different in these two pictures!

One, Two, Don’t Touch Blue!

Connect all the red boxes without crossing any blue ones. You can draw across the red and yellow boxes, but don’t pick up your pencil, don’t cross your pencil lines, and don’t use a box twice. Good luck!

Answers: market, grandma, yes, kitchen, good afternoon, beans, table, cheese, delicious, prayer, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, soccer, hug, friends, house