Heavenly Father Knows You
June 2018

“Heavenly Father Knows You,” Friend, June 2018

Friend to Friend

Heavenly Father Knows You

Friend Magazine, 2018/06 Jun

Illustrations by Brad Teare

Every Sunday in a small town in Argentina, a group of people met under a tree to read the scriptures and learn about the gospel. Some of the people were members of the Church. But many of them hadn’t been baptized, and they really wanted to be!

They had a problem, though. They lived far away from other towns. No Church leaders had come to visit their town for some time.

Then they heard that some missionaries were in a town about four hours away. They all gave money so one man could buy a bus ticket to the town where the missionaries were. When he got there, he waited at the bus station. He thought that would be the best place to find the missionaries.

After a few hours, he saw two young men. They were the missionaries! He told them about the people in his town. So the missionaries and the mission president planned a trip to meet these people.

On the day that the mission president and the missionaries came, many people gathered together to meet them. Now those who hadn’t been baptized yet could get baptized. After they heard the missionary lessons, they were ready!

The closest river was very far away, so they pumped water from a well and filled up a portable swimming pool. It took three hours to fill the pool! In all, 27 women, men, and children got baptized that day. They were filled with joy!

Heavenly Father knew that these people wanted to be baptized, and He helped them find the missionaries. Heavenly Father also knows you. He knows where you are, and who you are, and what you need. He hears and answers your prayers. No matter how lonely you feel, He’s always there. You are never alone. You can always turn to Him.

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