Busy Like a Bee

    “Busy Like a Bee,” Friend, July 2017

    Busy Like a Bee

    When Elder M. Russell Ballard was growing up, his dad owned a peach orchard and kept honeybees. Russell didn’t always like going near the bees with his dad. But years later Russell learned things about honeybees that he thought were really awesome.

    Russell was amazed at how much honeybees can get done when they work together. He learned that each bee does only a small part. They have to go to millions of flowers to get even a little honey for their hive, which is like their family. When all of those bees do their best, they help the hive grow.

    Russell learned that, like the busy bees, we all need to work together and help each other. We might feel like we only do a little bit to help, but together those little things can make a big difference.