For Parents of Little Ones

    “For Parents of Little Ones,” Friend, July 2017

    For Parents of Little Ones

    For Parents of Little Ones

    Family prayer teaches little ones both the blessings of prayer and the great feeling of belonging to a family!

    Think of family prayer as a time to connect with both God and each other. It may even become a favorite time in your child’s day! You can help make family prayer a regular—and happy—experience.

    Here are some ways to help:

    • Choose a regular time when family prayer will always happen. Is it in the morning before everyone leaves? At night before bed? Maybe both? How will you remember? Ask your children for ideas. Be creative! (Maybe a prayer rock or phone alarm?)

    • Before you pray, ask each family member what they want you to say. What are they thankful for? What blessings do they need? Including each child’s thoughts and requests as you pray will help them pay more attention to your words and then listen for Heavenly Father’s answers.

    • You might start a tradition of giving hugs after family prayer or inviting everyone to say something they like about a family member. (You could choose a different person each day.)