Fighting Off Falsehoods

    “Fighting Off Falsehoods,” Friend, July 2017

    Fighting Off Falsehoods

    Fighting Off Falsehoods

    Movies, music, and things you see online might make you feel bad about yourself. Practice battling Satan’s lies with Heavenly Father’s truths by matching each falsehood with a truth. Remember—Heavenly Father loves you, and His truth always wins! Check your answers below.


    1. I don’t look good enough.

    2. I’d be happier if I had nicer stuff.

    3. No one loves me.

    4. I’m not special.

    5. Heavenly Father has forgotten about me.

    6. I’m not talented.


    1. “No matter how dark your days may seem, … your Heavenly Father has not forgotten you.” —President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

    2. We can always know that God loves us (see 1 Nephi 11:17).

    3. We all have talents and gifts, but we don’t all have the same ones (see D&C 46:11).

    4. “Your Heavenly Father has known you for a very long time. You, as His son or daughter, were chosen by Him to come to earth at this precise time, to be a leader in His great work on earth.” —President Russell M. Nelson

    5. “Those things which provide deep and lasting happiness and gratitude are the things which money cannot buy: our families, the gospel, good friends, our health, our abilities, the love we receive from those around us.” —President Thomas S. Monson

    6. “We each have our own unique look and outward design, like temples. We also have a spiritual light within us, like temples.” —Sister Neill F. Marriott