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    “Question Corner,” Friend, July 2017

    Question Corner

    How do I know when I’m old enough to start fasting?

    Friend Magazine, 2017/07 Jul

    On fast Sunday, we usually go without eating or drinking for two meals. We also give the money our meals would have cost to help people who need it. That’s called a “fast offering.” While we are fasting, we can remember our blessings, pray for people, and feel close to Heavenly Father. You can begin fasting when you and your parents feel you are ready. If you aren’t able to fast because of a health problem, you can still pray and feel the Holy Ghost while others are fasting.

    I knew I was old enough to start fasting when I felt like I wanted to, and the Holy Ghost told me I was doing the right thing. When I started, I did it step by step. First I would fast one meal. Then I would try two.

    Anne D., age 9, Nevada, USA

    You can pray to Heavenly Father to see when you should start fasting. I know that Heavenly Father can answer your prayers.

    Liam P., age 7, Utah, USA

    It’s fine to fast when you want to help bless others and feel the Spirit. It would be a good time to fast after you are baptized.

    Eddie O., age 9, California, USA

    I would know I am old enough because I would have a feeling from the Holy Ghost telling me that it is the right time to fast. And then I would ask my mum and dad if that feeling was right.

    Brooklyn R., age 7, Auckland, New Zealand

    When I get baptized, I think I’ll feel ready to start fasting. I can pray to Heavenly Father for His help and ask Him when and how I should start.

    Brian K., age 7, Washington, USA

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    Responses are intended for help and perspective, not as pronouncements of Church doctrine.