Standing Up with Kindness

    “Standing Up with Kindness,” Friend, July 2017

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    Standing Up with Kindness

    Standing Up with Kindness

    Hi! My name is Tyrus. My ancestors were pioneers who moved from Wales to Utah. Now my family’s moved to England. We’re pioneers too—but in the other direction!

    Living in England

    I like England because it’s really green and it has a smaller carbon footprint. I like to go to the aviation museum and catch crabs at the coast. I like to sit on the top front row of the double-decker bus. It’s bumpy and feels like a roller coaster.

    Bullied at School

    Some kids at school thought my accent sounded funny. They started making fun of me. It got worse and worse. I wanted to quit school.

    Making a Plan

    I told my parents what was happening. My mom thought we should make a slideshow about what it’s like to be an immigrant. I was excited!

    Praying for Help

    The day before the slideshow, some of the bullies scattered my school uniform all over the changing room. One of my socks was in the bin, and my trousers were in the toilet stall. Someone was sitting on my shirt, and someone else was sitting on my other sock. I definitely wanted to quit school. That night my dad gave me a priesthood blessing. I prayed that I would not get discouraged.

    Sharing My Slideshow

    At school the next day, I was nervous. Would people like the slideshow? I ran the computer, and my mom told the kids to pretend they had to move far away. They were amazed that I only brought one suitcase, one carry-on, and one box of toys with me when I moved. Some people even said they wanted to visit Utah for Christmas.

    Standing Up with Kindness

    After the slideshow, things got a little better. Kids at school know more about me and are trying to be kind. Now I know I can stand up to bullies. But I can do it in a nice way, like by showing a slideshow. Jesus was kind to the people who hurt him. So being kind is how I follow Jesus.

    Tyrus’s Tips for Dealing with Bullies

    • Tell a trusted adult and work with your teachers.

    • Learn to control your reactions. Bullies like to see you get upset.

    • Try to help them understand you, and try to understand them.