Show and Tell

    “Show and Tell,” Friend, July 2017

    Show and Tell

    Show and Tell

    In the McQueen Ward, Arizona, USA, Primary children learned about the sacrifices pioneers made to build temples. They used blocks to build a replica of the first temple in Arizona.

    After talking in sharing time about what it means to be modest, Primary children in the Saline Ward, Michigan, USA, drew pictures showing how they can be modest.

    If anyone asks me what the Church teaches, I recite the Articles of Faith for them. Our branch meets in my grandpa’s living room. He is the branch president. When I was baptized in the ocean, I became the 10th member of the Church on our island!

    Anakin F., age 10, Mabuiag Island, Australia

    I wrote a letter to my friend when I found out her grandma died.

    Lois H., age 11, California, USA

    My friend offered a lonely boy a seat next to him at school.

    Sam M., age 11, Florida, USA

    I was really sad when my dad went on a work trip. After I said a prayer to Heavenly Father to help me feel better, I had an idea to give some money to the temple building fund. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

    Dane H., age 9, New Jersey, USA

    I gave a Book of Mormon to a friend and invited her and her family to our Primary program. I was so happy when they came.

    Connie C., age 6, Florida, USA

    My dad doesn’t go to church, but I try to keep the commandments when I am at his house and show an example of living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Dashel P., age 6, Colorado, USA

    I needed help giving my school captain speech because I was so nervous. I prayed for help. Later I was voted school captain!

    Lockyer L., age 11, Queensland, Australia