Charlie’s Big Weekend

    “Charlie’s Big Weekend,” Friend, July 2017

    Charlie’s Big Weekend

    The author lives in California, USA.

    Charlie’s Big Weekend

    Dasch couldn’t wait to play with Charlie!

    Charlie was the class teddy bear. He was brown and furry. He had his own clothes. He even had a baseball hat.

    Each weekend, one student took Charlie home. It was Dasch’s turn.

    Dasch was excited. He had a baseball hat to wear too.

    Dasch and Charlie had fun. They ate cheese pizza. They played video games. They had a sleepover.

    On Sunday, lots of people visited. Dasch’s sister was leaving on a mission. She was going far away. Everyone said goodbye.

    Charlie said goodbye too. His big weekend was almost over.

    The next day Dasch took Charlie back to school. Dasch stood in front of the class. “What did you and Charlie do?” his teacher asked.

    Dasch was nervous. He held Charlie tight.

    Should he tell about the pizza? The video games? The sleepover?

    Should he tell about Sunday? The kids in class didn’t go to his church. What if they laughed?

    Dasch thought about his sister. He knew what she would do.

    He took a deep breath. He told all about his weekend, even about his sister’s mission. He told how Charlie said goodbye.

    Everyone clapped. They didn’t laugh at all!

    Dasch smiled. He was brave just like his sister. Maybe he was a missionary too!