Worried or Afraid? Here’s Help!

“Worried or Afraid? Here’s Help!” Friend, May 2017

Worried or Afraid? Here’s Help!

Here are some tips from your friends at the Friend!

Friend Magazine, 2017/5 May

Just Imagine!

After my family hiked to the top of a cliff, at night I couldn’t stop thinking about falling off! Then I decided to use my imagination to change the ending. I imagined myself spreading my arms and flying. It was fun! The scary thoughts stopped, and I went to sleep without worry.

Larry Hiller, writer of Matt and Mandy

HELP for Shyness

It was hard for me to make friends. Then my cousin taught me to think of the word HELP. H is for “hobbies.” E is for “education.” L is for “what you like.” And P is for “plans.” I could talk to anyone about hobbies, school, what we liked to do, and what we were planning to do. That helped me so much that I grew up to be a journalist who interviews lots of people!

Linda Davies, video producer

Breathe and Write

When my parents were divorcing, I poured out my feelings in a journal. Sometimes I also imagined I was writing to help other kids deal with divorce. When I played in piano competitions, I would get really nervous. I breathed slowly through my nose, pretending my breath was the sound of the ocean. I imagined playing my piece well. Then I played it!

Charlotte Larcabal, writer

Something Fun

Instead of sitting and worrying, I try to focus on something else. You can go run, walk, ride a bike, or do anything else you enjoy. That can help you calm down and see that things aren’t as scary as you think!

Eric Murdock, writer

Happy Snack

I used to stress out about schoolwork. My mom realized that when I was hungry, it was hard for me to concentrate. Having a healthy snack before starting my homework helped. My family also had a house rule: No worrying after 10 p.m. Things always seem a lot better after a good night’s rest.

Bethany Bartholomew, writer

1, 2, 3

One night when I couldn’t sleep, my dad sang “Count Your Blessings.” Then I thought of my blessings until I fell asleep. Some nights I still sing this song in my head, or, when my mind is really noisy, I count backward by threes from 300. When I think unkind thoughts about myself, I remind myself that I’m a good person and that Heavenly Father and my family love me.

Lori Fuller, copyeditor

Make It Funny

Once I got a skin condition that gave me little bumps on my neck, and I was afraid people would ask me about them. Then my parents helped me think of funny things I could do, like saying, “Look, there’s an alien!” and then running away. I never used those ideas, but they made me laugh, and I felt better. Laughing is the best!

Maryssa Dennis, writer

OK to Make Mistakes

I used to be afraid to try new things in front of people because I might mess up. I worried what others thought about me. Then I realized I don’t know what they’re thinking. I’m not a mind reader! And it really only matters what God thinks of me. He sent me here to learn, and He loves me no matter what. Now when I mess up I think, “OK. Let’s learn from this and move on.”

Marissa Widdison, assistant managing editor

Not the Only One

When I felt worried and scared, I prayed or sang a song called “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Everyone has fears and worries. Some worries are just part of being a certain age. But if you’re worrying all the time, you can ask a parent, counselor, or doctor for help. Most of all, don’t forget to pray to Heavenly Father. He loves you and understands the way you feel!

Jan Pinborough, managing editor