For Older Kids

    “For Older Kids,” Friend, May 2017

    For Older Kids

    For Older Kids

    Doodles by Bountiful 30th ward, Valiant 11 class

    Dear Journal

    What was the best birthday you ever had? Who was there? What did you do? If you have a photo of that day, add it to your journal. Or draw it!

    Think about It

    “Love is making space in your life for someone else.”

    —Sister Neill F. Marriott


    What can you catch but not throw?

    Answer below.

    Family Hunt

    Try indexing! This means typing what old records say so people can search for their ancestors online. Have a parent help you download the program, or visit a family history center to do it.

    It gives me a good feeling to work on family history. I’m learning the names of lots of my ancestors and learning to upload their photos too. Someday when I meet them in heaven, I’ll already know them.

    Aidan A., age 10, Utah, USA

    My Haiku

    When I go to church

    I can feel the Spirit strong

    And I feel His love

    Hannah S., age 8, Pennsylvania, USA

    Quick Quiz

    Which of these Book of Mormon prophets had the vision of the tree of life? Check answer below.

    • Mosiah

    • Alma

    • Lehi

    • Moroni

    • Answers: a cold, Lehi