Show and Tell: Conference!

“Show and Tell: Conference!” Friend, May 2017

Show and Tell: Conference!

Friend Magazine, 2017/5 May

I love general conference so much. It’s very interesting. I learned from Elder Cordón’s talk that the language of the gospel should be preserved in our home.

Chukwuemeka O., age 12, Abia State, Nigeria

The happiest part of conference is that I get to be with my family and hear from the prophet. I feel the Spirit, and it feels like home.

Mateo R., age 12, Colombia

I enjoyed listening to Elder Neil L. Andersen because he spoke about overcoming the world. He said that if we try to be like Jesus and follow His example, we can be protected. I love watching general conference because you can learn a lot and share the messages with others.

Nevaeh L., age 9, South Auckland, New Zealand

I was touched by President Uchtdorf’s talk about overcoming fear. I learned that fear can have a powerful influence on our actions and that we should not use fear to motivate others. I thank my Heavenly Father that I was born into a Christian family and can be a member of the Church.

Sarah T., age 11, Île-de-France, France

Eva B., age 10, Mexico, loves when they sing Primary songs like “Teach Me to Walk in the Light” during conference. The music is the part that makes her happiest!

Twin sisters Leah and Ellison C., age 6, Utah, USA, liked the talk by Elder Costa about praying for help. “Sometimes school is hard for us, especially for Leah because she was born with Down syndrome,” Ellison said. “When she’s having a hard time in our class, I know I can say a silent prayer asking Heavenly Father to help her understand. I know He helps and loves both of us.”

Jacob and Reuben H., ages 12 and 10, Surrey, England, got to watch part of general conference in the Conference Center! Reuben was excited to see the prophet and apostles on the stand. When they watch conference at home, Jacob puts down his conference activities when the prophet speaks so he can just watch and listen.

While listening to conference, Jake and Luke B., ages 9 and 6, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland, built a temple out of magnets!

Lydia V., age 3, Washington, USA, sustained the prophet while watching conference on the computer.