Music: Jesus’ Church Has Been Restored

“Music: Jesus’ Church Has Been Restored,” Friend, May 2017

Jesus’ Church Has Been Restored

Friend Magazine, 2017/5 May

Jesus blessed the children when He walked in Galilee,

He brought a young girl back to life. He blessed the blind to see.

But some forgot! His Church was lost with its authority.

Now priesthood pow’r is back on earth to bless a child like me.

Heav’nly Father and His Son came to the Sacred Grove.

They brought the Church to earth again so all could feel Their love.

Moroni and Elijah came—and Peter, James, and John—

With precious keys and blessings that for centuries were gone.

Temples all around the world, Apostles, revelation:

These all are part of God’s great gift—the gospel’s restoration.

The sacrament I take each week, baptism, confirmation:

I’m thankful for God’s gift to me—the gospel’s restoration.

Now gospel truths are back once more,

For Jesus’ Church has been restored.